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***** Cancun is a fantastic place that contains a wide variety of amusements, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, archaeological sites and malls.

This website contains the necessary information for the tourists, we don’t try to sell anything, we just want to promote this fantastic place on Earth named CANCUN.

You will find the basic information and the tips that every tourist needs when he or she goes on vacation 

This site contains basic and advanced transportation tips, the best public beaches in Cancun, advice and dangers of nightclubs, airport tips, shopping,hurricanes season advice, spring break information and many more.

 Enjoy this website and let us inform you with the best tips and information about Cancun.

  • Cancun is a rainy place?

Rainfall in Cancun varies over the course of the year.

On average most rain falls during the months of June and October. 

  • What about hurricanes, are they very common?
Hurricanes in Cancun are NOT very common, usually there are 2 of them in al the course of the year, since 1984, there had been only 3 "big hurricanes" Gilberto, Emily, Wilma.

During the months of June and October is commonly known as “hurricane season.",  but it is also convenient to check the weather before you go on vacation to Cancun. 

  • Some other facts you should know:
  • March and December are the driest months
  • Daily average temperature in Cancun range from 23.4 °C to 29.3°C    (74.1 °F to 84.7° F)
  • Peak temperatures occur during the months of June and July.
  • Average temperatures decline in the months of January and December.
  • Is Cancun safe from hurricanes?
Cancun is 99.9% safe from hurricanes, they are not very common, a big hurricane occurs every 7 or 8 years and most of them pass through other places and do not affect the city of Cancun.

The advice given here is: do not be alarmed by the hurricanes, don't get scared and come and relax for your vacations. In case you are concerned about the hurricanes around the area, go to the official website of the
National Hurricane Center

An excellent place to check the weather before you go on vacation to Cancun is :

  • Do i need a Visa to go to Cancun?

The countries that do NOT need a Visa are the following:

Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, Cyprus, South Korea, Costa Rica, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal,  San Marino, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain  Sweden, Swiss, , United States of America, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Venezuela.


How can i call to USA from Cancun?
To call the US and Canada from Cancun you have to dial the numbers 001 + the area code + the number.

001 is the international exit code of Mexico

Jellyfish & Sea Lice
If you are going to Cancun and you don't want to mess up your vacations, you should really be carefull of the JELLYFISH and the SEA LICE! 

Here are some recommendations for the prevention of these annoying animals:

  • Avoid swimming with t-shirts, since the animals can get trapped between your skin and the clothing.
  • DO NOT TAKE A SHOWER with fresh water after you swim in the ocean.
  • Ask your hotel's lifeguard if it is safe to swim in the sea.
  • If you are stung by the jellyfish, change your bathing suit immediately and apply vinegar on the affected area.
  • Wash intensively your bathing suit after you swim in the sea.
  • If you are stung, apply cream or body lotion generously on the affected area.

Is the tap water safe to drink in Cancun?

It is NOT recommended to drink the tap water in Cancun, since it is not as clean for human consumption, but it is perfectly safe to make use of the water for your personal needs. 

Some hints to this point are the following:

  • Tip the bellboy (the one who helps you to carry your luggage) and tell him you would like some water in your room, he will give you bottles of water, not many service workers are used to receive tips.
  • Or simply go to your nearest convenience store, OXXO, or Extra, and buy bottled water.

Emergency numbers in Cancun
  • Red Cross - (998) 884 1616
  • Fire Department - (998) 884 1202
  • Immigration Office - (998) 881 3560
  • MasterCard (USA) - 001 880 247 4623
  • Police (Highway) - (998) 884 1107
  • Road Emergency - 078
  • Visa (USA) - 001 410 581 9994
  • Hospital Emergeny - 060


It is areally big challenge to take care of the environment. So here are some tips totake care of our planet while you enjoy your visit to Cancun:

  • NEVER throw trash onto the beach, it is harmful for other people and for you, imagine you cut your feet with unseen glass or aluminum, be the change you want to see in the world!
  • Do not throw garbage to the sea, marine creatures often mistake colorful things with food and can choke to death. Also avoid throwing plastic six-pack holders, lots of turtles and gulls have strangled with those plastic things.
  • Do not feed marine creatures.
  • Avoid using sunscreen or any other lotions when you swim in the ocean, or check that they are eco-friendly and avoid harming animals.
  • While you are snorkeling, hold everything that you have with you (cameras, keys, etc), and avoid hitting against coral reefs and other living beings.
  • Be conscious of the living creatures in the sea. Do not mess with the nature and take care of all the beautiful things Cancun has to offer you.

Is Cancun a safe place for visitors?
Cancun is very safe for visitors, that's why it has been one of the best sites to vacation for many years and continues to be, but here are some tips for your visit that you should consider everywhere you travel to:

  • Scan your passport and photo id's so in case you lose them you can access them easily.
  • Always think twice while you are packing your valuable things, AVOID bringing expensive jewelry to Cancun since there is always envious people that want to steal your things.
  • If there is a safe box in your hotel, always use it and keep all your valuable things there.
  • Never provide your hotel's room to other people, unless you really need to.
  • Avoid drinking on the public areas (street) since the police will be watching you.
  • If you are caught by a police doing something wrong, there is always a negotiation option, "discreetly" ask him if there is the possibility of helping each side of the parts, offer him money and surely he will stop bothering you. 
  • Take your credit card or banks telephone number.
  • Try to be discreet while you are walking on the street.
  • Carry only the money that you need while you are walking.
  • Avoid risky areas, do not go to the public beach in the night, it is not a really safe place. It is better to go to bars or if you prefer, you can stay in your hotel, it is surely the safest place.

Where is Cancun's professional soccer stadium located?
The Olympic Stadium Andres Quintana Roo is located in Av. Mayapan, Kabah and Av. La Luna (Downtown).
It has a capacity of approximately 18,000 people and it is home of the team "Atlante F.C" founded 96 years ago.

If you like soccer games, you should really go and enjoy a match, ask your hotel's concierge for dates of soccer matchs.

The prices of the tickets go from 60 Pesos to 300 Pesos when there is not a great rival. But if some of the "BIG" teams of Mexico go like "América, Chivas, Cruz Azul or Pumas" the prices will raise a little bit and surely there will be an exciting game.

The best PUBLIC beaches in Cancun!
The principal spots to go to the beach are located on the following places (All of them are located in the hotel zone)

  • Chac Mool Beach ***
It is a secret beach, it is almost infront of Señor Frogs (km 9.5) just between two big buildings named Maralago and Bay View Grand, there is a secret hallway where at the end you will find the beach!
  • Caracol Beach *
It is located besides a seafood restaurant named "Mocambo" (km 9) due to the past hurricanes, the beach is not pretty and you can't go there to swim, but  you can go to the "Mocambo" it is a fabulous place to eat and you can watch the sunset eating delicious seafood at an affordable price.
  • Gaviota Azul Beach *****
Also known as Forum Beach, it is located between Plaza Forum and The City Discoteque (km 9.5), it is one of the best beaches of the Hotel Zone, it counts with a beach club and people that can provide you a bed or some loungers to relax while you drink a cold coconut or a cold beer. The sea view is spectacular and the sea is clean.
  • Marlin Beach ****
Marlin Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Cancun, it is located at the back of Plaza Kukulcán (km 13), if you have a car you can park it on Plaza Kukulcán, there is not a place where you can buy something to drink, so it is highly recommended to buy a cooler and fill it with your favorite drinks and take it to the beach.
  • Delfines Beach *****
The best view of the beach and the fantastic blue colors of the sea, it is a fabulous view, the one that you see in the TV and in the movies is right here, also known as "El Mirador", there is no sale of drinks, you should take your cooler to the beach and fill it with drinks to enjoy the beach. It is definitely a MUST during your visit to Cancun.
  • Punta Nizuc Beach **
This is not a great spot to enjoy the beach but there is a fantastic little restaurant that serves fresh fish and it is also a great spot to enjoy the view. It is located in the km 24.6 besides Wet n' Wild and it is also know as "El Mirador II"
  • Tortugas Beach ***
Tortugas Beach is located in the km 6.5, it is a beach with a lot of traffic of boats and ferrys, it also has restaurants, it is not as recommended as the other beaches mentioned before since it is not a really clean beach, many locals go to this beach and it is not really a turist spot. The principal attraction here is that the water is really calm.

Hospitals in Cancun

In case you need a hospital for any reason, hereare the numbers and names of every hospital in Cancun:

  • Amat -                    (998) 887 4422      
  • Ameri-Med -             (998) 881 3400      
  • Americano -             (998) 287 8022      
  • Hospitén Cancún -     (998) 881 37 00      
  • Galenia -                  (998) 891 5200      
  • Quirúrgica del Sur -    (998) 886 7636      



If you want to save money in Cancun, the best thing to do is to go to change your dollars, euros or pounds, etc right after you exit your hotel or the place where you are staying, if you are going to buy things in Cancun or if you want to go to a restaurant, the best thing to do is to go to a MONEY EXCHANGE place (Casa de Cambio) since almost every place accepts foreign currencies but the odds are that the exchange will be in their favor.

Go to the 
Currency Converter to check the actual rate and compare with the money exchange places.

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